At present, it is difficult to imagine a motorist who never listens to music on the road. The vast majority of domestic and foreign cars go on sale already with installed speakers.

Head units are called radio tape recorders that are installed in cars by manufacturing plants.

Of course, the attention of most manufacturers is focused mainly on the car itself, and not on the audio equipment. In this regard, the pre-installed full-time car radios, as a rule, are rather poor in functionality and modest in quality (of course, if we are not talking about a “luxury” package). But not everyone drives prestigious modifications of a car, and many need high quality sound reproduction and rich functionality.

Thus, many motorists sooner or later need to replace an existing radio. It should be borne in mind that the service life of many audio devices is much shorter than the service life of the car itself, and to overhaul an old radio, sometimes more expensive than buying a new one.

Each car has its own design standards, sizes, as well as electrical characteristics and other parameters. The car owner can install the best double din head unit or 1DIN radio tape recorders with a special adapter frame, or opt for a standard headunit manufactured for a specific car brand.

I must say that it is a full-time car radio that often combines all additional devices (in particular, such as a movie theater and a navigator) in one case. In addition, when installing a standard model, the front panel design remains untouched. The on-board power supply system of this or that car will, of course, be fully adapted to the installation of the radio, and, in particular, the control provided for in the model from buttons located directly on the steering wheel will be preserved.


Modern full-time car radios from world famous manufacturers are characterized by a combination of quite affordable price, high quality workmanship and impeccable functionality.

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High-quality processors, which are equipped with all standard car radios, guarantee the smooth functioning of devices and make it possible to simultaneously use several functions without mutual influence on the speed of work. The vast majority of models are equipped with a shockproof system (anti-shock), thanks to which, even with significant shake-up, playback failures will not be noted.

Without exception, the full-time car radios are distinguished by a thoughtful modern design of the front panel, which allows them to fit perfectly into the interior of the car. Managing any type of audio device will always be easy and comfortable thanks to a well-designed and intuitive user interface.

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